Friday, June 25, 2010

The Sixth Street Corridor From Hell.


There was a Time When the Sixth Street Corridor in San Francisco was a Mom and Pop type Business zone with the Kind of Businesses that made America Great.This was before BART,The Crack epidemic,The Real Estate Bubble and The Wall Street Greed Epidemic.The Sixth Street Corridor Enjoyed the Foot Traffic from the Theater District.The area was a Vibrant Middle Class District.The SRO Hotels in those Days were Clean and Safe.

The Sixth Street Corridor has seen Too Much BLIGHT after the Crack and Amphetamines Epidemic took over.The Chair and Couch Building OWNED BY SOME CERTAIN PATELS is AN EYESORE and THEY CONTINUE to DISRESPECT San Francisco.

Multiple years of drug use has it's Obvious Effects.Some of these Citizens are walking Skeletons and Dependent on the System.There can be no Change without an Interruption in the supply.

The Tweaks are a scandalous Breed.The Cranksters and Crackheads make a Myriad of Drug Users that Sixth street has become.

There are However brave Urban Heroes on The Sixth Street Corridor.The Passion Cafe is a Full Service French Restaurant on Sixth Street.They Start as a Coffee Pit Stop in the Morning offering tasty Pastry.Then they Morph into a Full Service French Restaurant form Lunch to Closing.Imagine Beef Bourguingnon and Creme Brulee on Sixth Street.They are Paving the way for Other Brave Pioneers.Reclaiming Sixth Street a Little at a Time.

The Business as Usual Routine will be Broken.The BLATANT DRUG DEALS need to STOP.San Fransisco will never be able to Reclaim the streets without a Proactive approach.That is what Over the Counter Cannabis sales in a 501C3 Harm Reduction center is a Proactive approach that will take the Cannabis sales away from the Drug Thugs and Give Needed Revenue to Charity.Will the Drug Cartels do that? Hell No!

The Day will come when the street sales of substances will not include cannabis. California's Tax and Regulate Tax Act of 2010 will pave the way for Harm Reduction Centers.VOTE YES on Taxing Cannabis.Vote YES on Ending the Insanity of Jailing Cannabis Growers and Ending the Street sales of Cannabis.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't Tread on Citizens Tread on Reefer Madness

When Cannabis Growers are prosecuted they are being Tread upon for doing what our Founding Fathers did.That's right our Founding fathers grew and Smoked Pot.They were POTHEADS.That is General knowledge at The library and online.

Thomas Jefferson Smuggled seeds from CHINA.That surprised the Hell out of us.Him and George would swap smoking blends.We can only imagine.They wrote of the separation of male and female and ways to increase the potency.They were Premier Growers.That had it made.There were no laws and social stigmas to deal with.Besides they were in Charge.

Yes George Washington and Ben Franklin grew the Herb for the Fiber value also.Ben Franklin made paper.The Declaration of Independence is written on HEMP PAPER for Gods sake.

We want to Imagine them passing around two Big Fatties after the signing of the declaration of Independence and Talking Shit about the British.

Don't Tread on Us Potheads because you tread on the Very Dogma the Founding Fathers had Too.

What makes one human being want to Punish another for using and growing an Herb our Founding fathers Grew as well as Millions of People from all over the world for Many Centuries.

The Attitudes are Changing and it is Time for Harm Reduction Using cannabis.The Founding fathers would Love the Idea of using Cannabis to Help Alleviate Homelessness.They would Probably also have another confused moment trying to grasp why Citizens are Homeless in the 21st Century.Really We can see George Washington in the 21st Century.George would want to visit the cannabis dispensary as well as the Pub.He would be shocked at the value of property and not surprised of the tyranny of the Government.Our Founding Fathers warned us of the Tyranny of Unjust Laws and it still Happened.We wonder if they had a clue that the District Attorneys would be so Ruthless to the Simple man yet Let the Upper Echelon White Collar Crimes go for fear of coming up against another ruthless attorney in court and Losing.

Tax Cannabis 2010

America Sees Too Much Violence in The Streets.Scenes Like This One where there was a Drive By Shooting and Then Gun Fire erupted and a Few citizens shot.This was Over Marijuana.This does not happen Often in fact it is Rare.These Kind of scenes of Violence can't be Controlled until we Control the Supply.WE will be Taking Cannabis away from The Cartels List of Substances they can use to Murder,Control and Extort the Citizens .


The Tax and regulate Tax Act will pave the way for harm reduction centers.These harm reduction centers or Whatever they May be Called will take the cannabis business away from the Street Slingers and Create Licensed store Fronts.There is No perfect Solution that makes everybody perfectly happy.The law is written so The Local Authorities can have the Ultimate decision on how the Cannabis is Dispensed.The Local Authorities are also the Ones who will collect the Tax.The Business shall pay all applicable Employee Federal and State taxes.

The Oaksterdam University is Schooling the Next Generation of Ethical Cannabis Entrepreneurs.They have taken over a Decade of Experience and Compiled it into a Curriculum.
We Have seen them Flourish into the The Credible,Valuable Community they have.Yes Oaksterdam has definitely Been an Ethics Trail Blazer.

Attorneys like Robert Raich have left their lasting Impression along with Local Politics on the Legal aspects of Cannabis.Oaksterdam University stresses the importance of working with the City.They Encourage the students to get involved with Local Politics.

There have been so Many Brave Doctors who Dedicated their Life to Documentation of Cannabis' effects on the Population.Dr Tod and Dr Mike are no Longer with Us but their Work will be Important in establishing the Beneficial Effects of cannabis.These Doctors worked beyond the Medical Realm.Their Influence on Oaksterdam is Lasting and a Good One.

The One Fact for Sure is The Prisons will not be filled by anyone except the fools who furnisn the Cannabis to Minors.That is Fair.That is what would be expected in this world of Rules Rules Rules.Get Used to it!The Individuals who think there will never be a Tax are not thinking reasonably either.There is a Tax on Alcohol,Cigarettes and there will be a Tax on POT.Get Used to it!! The Medical Cannabis will be exempt from the Rules.The Ounce rule can be broken,Get a Medical card if you want more.There will be confusion in transporting and how much can be stored after Harvest.This will be worked out.The Rogue Counties do not have to agree with anything but not busting citizens for an ounce and under.Thia will work for now but will be challenged in court.There will be a lot of Ironing out the Details After the law is Passed.This can all be amended in time.There is no perfect way to approach this and make everyone happy.


Californians Can Keep on Filling Prisons with Cannabis Growers or Californians can benefit from this wonderful Naturally Occurring Substance.Seems like a No Brainer To Us!!

We can keep on Bickering or we can just get down to Business.The Non Profits will be the Choice of most Cities.This is a Chance for Organizations to be created to benefit Society.That depends on what Organizations can work with Cities.WE are Creating Two Different Non profits.One 501C3 will dispense cannabis and One 501C3 will do a Beneficial service to Society.Twenty percent of the Cannabis Revenue from the Dispensary off the Top will be given to the Non Profit that benefits society.This will make them Both Eligible for Matching funds Grants.See how This Can Work?This will be a Very Exciting time for Social Reform and The Cannabis Community.Time for Redemption.Just as Bob Marley Sang.Redemption Time!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dennis Paved The Way.

Unfortunately Dennis Peron is Not for the Cannabis Tax Act of 2010.He went as far as to break ties with Oaksterdam and is still opposed.He is Right about a few points but some of what he worries about will not happen and the Medical Cannabis will not be Effected.He is Just Opposed to a Tax Period.

Dennis You are still The One who Inspired many of us to actively change the Law.This will keep citizens out of Jail and That is The Largest benefit.The Money spent Incarcerating Cannabis Growers is absurd.

Yes it Does Not take a Genius to Recognize the Benefits.There are some Issues that will be resolved with amendments.The Citizens who are being Jailed will stop and the wasted resources will be redirected to more important issues.

Dennis Peron is The Premier Cannabis Trail Blazer.His courage is inspiring.He had a Stroke Yet he is still busy advocating.We feel if he had to Stop it would Kill Him.Dennis was right to protest the Tax on the basis that an Herb should not taxed.The Reality is that Cigarettes and Alcohol are taxed and so will Pot.This is for Recreational Use.The Reason we are excepting this Tax Act is because of the way it is written.The Tax Act Paves the way for a Proliferation of Cannabis Harm Reduction Centers.This will make Cannabis available to all and quit beating around the Bush.THE 21 AGE LIMIT is also a stickler because it does not address the Reality of the 18 to 21 year old cannabis users.This is an Improvement any way we look at it though.This will be a Boon for The City of San Francisco if a Harm Reduction Center is the result.Dennis used to be criticized for being to Loose and Inclusive.Good for Dennis,he always knew deep down we would win someday and a Compromise is the Tax Act.The City will listen to Dennis.He has history and cares about San Francisco and Harm Reduction.Thank You Dennis for all you have done. This is a Cannabis No Brainer.The Tax will at least stay local and Create something GREAT.Then The Cannabis Community can Prove we have solutions to the Issues that we all face daily.The Future is Bright and We feel Dennis will help the city dial it in.Time to strike and be REAL!We can set Policy that benefits the City for years to come. GOD BLESS ALL